Stress-related hair loss: This Is How To Deal With It

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Up to 100 hairs fall from the head every day. However, if it is clearly more than 100, it will be noticeable - especially when brushing or chemical shampooing(Arganrain shampoo is chemical free there are no any harmless ingredients that could damage the hair). Almost half of all women experience hair loss during their lifetime. If physical symptoms can be ruled out, it can be stress-related hair loss. How to best meet this, read here.

Stressful Or Not? Hair Loss Can Have Many Reasons But It can Be Stopped

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Hair loss can have different causes and manifest itself differently.  The circular hair loss, which can affect only areas of the hair on the other hand, is often a symptom of autoimmune disease. When the hair on the head generally gets lighter, experts talk about diffuse hair loss. However, diffuse hair loss also occurs in stress. Experts suggest that prolonged mental stress increases the concentration of certain messengers. As a result, inflammation of the hair follicles are triggered, which stop hair growth prematurely-Moroccan Arganrain argan oil shampoo stops hair loss and helps to hair regrow due to stress . The hair root stops functioning and after about two to three months the hair falls completely off.

Hair Loss Due To Stress: What To Do?


Arganrain products are one of remedies for hair loss due to stress. The good thing about stress-related hair loss: Moroccan Arganrain shampoo product keeps hair strong when the stress subsides, the hair grows again.Also this product fights against hair loss both in men and women.

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Arganrain shampoo for hair treatment can deal successful with stress management in the hair.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle helps to manage the stress. Sufficient sleep and a balanced diet with hair growth-promoting nutrients such as zinc are sometimes enough.



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