Do smoking and alcohol cause hair loss?

Hair Loss - It is no secret that smoking and alcohol are harmful, especially in cases of increased consumption. But did you also know that these stimulants can have a negative effect on hair growth or even cause hair loss?

Smoking and alcohol are harmful to your body in many ways - even the condition and growth of your hair can negatively affect it. If you can not keep your hands off cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, then you can enjoy it in moderation.

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If you are already suffering from hair loss or have changed the structure and strength of your hair, you should preferably refrain from alcohol and smoking altogether.

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Smoking can lead to hair loss

Hair loss can have many causes, smoking is one of them. Consuming cigarettes regularly reduces blood flow to the scalp.

The result may be poorer hair growth because the fine capillaries of the hair bulbs are no longer adequately supplied with blood.

So if you smoke a lot and suffer from hair loss, it is recommended to stop and give your hair a chance to recover. Even noticeably thinner hair can be the result of regular cigarette consumption.

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Alcohol: This is how it affects your hair

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Even drinking alcohol regularly does not do your hair any good. Although alcohol consumption does not necessarily lead to hair loss, it often promotes hair breakage and slows hair growth in general. The reason: Alcohol drains your body of water and a sufficient fluid balance is important for the circulation of your scalp.

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Alcohol Hair Loss These will die off after a period of time. This then causes the hair to grow. The hair itself is thus a tissue and needs care. Many nutrients need to be added to the body for hair to grow.

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Together, Arganrain shampoo product protects hair from the effects of smoking and using alcohol and also other environmental factors.

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These damage the hair in the long run. you are better served with Arganrain argan oil .As a rule, only a few drops of argan oil are enough to achieve the desired effects.

In addition, Arganrain Moroccan handmade made cold pressed oil shampoo product protects the hair even with frequent use of curlers, straighteners or hot dry hoods.

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