ARGANRain shampoo and Pure Argan Oil: Natural Treatment for Alopecia

 Alopecia can be triggered by a person's genetic makeup, stress, food allergies, autoimmune response, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, poor diet, chemotherapy, or direct physical strain on hair follicles. Hair loss is experienced unlike by each individual as each form of alopecia has unique characteristics and symptoms.

Occasionally inflammation, Because of poor diet or stress, can lead to a transient form of alopecia that later transitions into the more permanent form. If your form of alopecia has been accompanied with another form of alopecia, symptoms may overlap and hair loss may be even more evident.

Safe, natural treatments

Unluckily, Hair loss reveals that prescribed hair loss treatments only work rudely half of the time. Natural treatments that target the two changeable issues of persistent hair loss also exist that can be used instead or to complement medical treatments. They are safe for anyone of any age and they can also encourage new, stronger hair. Here are the natural cure for hair loss by category:


Frequently found in ArganRain natural shampoo, ArganRain Argan Oil, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. A study conducted by the Central South University of Forestry and Technology in China revealed Argan Oil be a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant.

Researcher said that Argan Oil’s anti-inflammatory features can help reduce alopecia, dandruff and other inflammatory skin disturbances. Argan oil is also used in natural skin and hair products natural moisture.

ArganRain Argan oil actively prevent hair damage. ArganRain Argan oil can also be used to ease inflammation and hydrate the scalp.  As argan oil contains unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, so it is able to penetrate the hair shaft and treatment Alopecia.

The omega 3 is also significant in preventing inflammation in the body and in the scalp. Omega-3 fatty acids and particularly gamma-linoleic acids in the form of black Argan oil can help to fight against inflammation. According to Researcher digesting omega-3-rich foods such as those found in green tea, chia seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds can help stimulate growth and fight inflammation.

ArganRain Sahmpoo is safely used to treat Alopecia. Arganrain Shampoo helps to treatment for Alopecia and A visible improvement comes to the fore after along term  as well as inhibit the occurrence of split ends. It nourishes hair from the root, strengthening it, thereby preventing hair loss.

Keep your scalp healthy and hair beautiful with ArganRain Shampoo and Argan Oil!

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