ARGANRain:Best Tips For Beautiful Hair In The Spring

Make your hair beautiful for spring

Clearing cold, bollernde heating and bad weather have added to our hair in the winter. High time to make it nice again for spring. We have practical tips for you.

Now a massage!

A scalp massage boosts the circulation and is a real treat.

That's how it's done

For wet hair: gently massage the scalp with your fingertips while Arganrain hair care shampooing for spring. Apply light pressure on the temples, brow line and ear contours.

For dry hair: Place your hands on top of each other and apply light pressure while pushing your hands up as if you were reaching for your head.

Do this exercise twice a week.

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Start at the neck and work your way to the top of the head for about a minute or two.

You can enhance the effect by first placing a warm, damp towel on your head to dilate the blood vessels.

Just soak a towel in water, wring it out and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Stimulate hair growth

In spring, you lose more hair than usual. This is perfectly normal and can not be prevented. But you can stimulate hair growth to look full and seductive.

That's how it's done

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With the right choice of food you stimulate the growth of hair:

zinc and magnesium strengthen the keratin content in the hair and are z. In seafood, lentils, wholemeal bread, cocoa and almonds.

Iron provides cells and hair roots with oxygen and is z. In parsley, black pudding and calf's liver.

Protein, e.g. B. in plaice, tuna, cheese, cooked ham, turkey, round or egg yolks, strengthens the hair.

B vitamins help hair growth and are z. As in mushrooms and cereal included.

For even better results, try a special Arganrain "anti-hair loss" products, or use

Arganrain shampoo and Arganrain on hair roots after hair washing to strengthen hair.

And did you know: Moroccan Arganrain argan oil also has strengthening properties on the hair! Add two tablespoons of rum to your hair mask to boost hair growth.

Recovery times for the hair

Treat Your Hair With ARGANRain Professional Hair Care Products 

Agranrain Hair Protection Shampoo is ideal for all kind of hair upcoming spring season.

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The formula in Arganrain Shampoo product gives your hair extra long color protection with UV filter and thus ensures radiant & long lasting color shine. The contained Moroccan Argan oil ingredient accurately replenishes lost hair and strengthens the hair

Weaknesses of the hair.

The Arganrain Hair Protection Shampoo smoothes and nourishes your hair structure of colored hair.

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